Stepaniuk Andrii

Ph.D., Associate Professor.

The department of 1988

Delivers subjects:

Apparatus chemical and petroleum industries

Processes and equipment petroleum refineries

Environmental aspects of chemical production processes

Processes and machines biochemical industries

Physico-chemical basis of ecological safety of chemical vorobnytstv

Theoretical Foundations of biotechnological production

Research interests – the process of heat transfer in granular fluidized bed; process heat in the air refrigerator; process hydrodynamics in distillation column irregular nozzle; recrystallization processes of heat and the production of complex fertilizers humic-minaralnyh; heat exchange process in the storage of radioactive waste; process hydrodynamics in distillation column with a regular nozzle.

Author of 299 scientific papers. Of these 10 books, monographs and 60 patents.