The specialists of the department solved urgent fundamental and applied scientific problems of heat transfer and hydrodynamics, solved the immediate problem of the industry. Significant achievements reached in the department issues:

  1. Investigation of formation of complex crystal-amorphous structures for protection and ecosafety development environment.
  2. Mathematical modeling of energy-efficient processing of polymers and manufacturing of composite materials based on them.
  3. Research hydrodynamics and heat transfer in thin film devices.
  4. Develop technology and modernization of equipment for the manufacture of tubes, profiled-molded products, sheets and films of polymers by extrusion.
  5. Research drying process thermally labile products.

    Department currently widely conducted research on:

    1. Moving in dispersed systems in the formation of crystalline-amorphous nanostructures of liquid systems.
    2. Membrane processes.
    3. Investigation of drying and dehydration of crystalline magnesium chloride.
    4. Additional extraction of hydrocarbons from natural gas by low absorption.
    5. heat transfer and crystallization in the production of humic complex fertilizers.
    6. Investigation of formation of multilayer composites for recycling industrial waste.
    7. heat in the production of paper products.
    8. Pervoparatsiynoho strengthening the fraction of light distillates.
    9. Research the process of obtaining bioethanol.
    10. Investigation of reception of high-oxygen supplements.
    11. Research the process of obtaining ecological fuels combined.

      Within the scientific school of processes and devices of chemical production in the department actively developing research areas:

      1. The processes of heat and mass transfer and processing of polymers.
      2. Energy-saving heat and mass transfer processes in the presence of a phase transition.
      3. The processes of applying polymer protective coatings and capture of metal sols.

        High level of training of young scientists provided regular nationwide scientific conference of students and young scientists “Equipment of chemical manufactures and the enterprises of building materials” and seminar candidates degrees. Students have the opportunity to acquire and improve skills of scientific work taking part in solving real problems in the framework of the science club.

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