The Department of machinery and apparatus for chemical production (1997 – Chair of machines and devices of chemical and petroleum industries – MAHNV) was founded in 1928 in Chemical Engineering Department, and ten years later transferred to the newly created Department of Chemical Engineering (1999 – Engineering-Chemical Faculty), in 2008 the department celebrated its 80th anniversary.

The first sixteen Mechanical Engineers specialists received diplomas in 1935.

By 1941 the department produced three academic groups annually on specialty “Machines and devices for chemical production.” In addition to the diploma in Engineering graduates received most of the rank.

The high level of mechanical engineers chemical production has led to the discovery in 1934 of a new specialty “Machines and apparatus tselyuloznopaperovoyi industry.” Set on the first year the department has been increased to four academic groups. This set is preserved at present.

The initiator of the chair was corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Vasily Vasiliev Yu, who led the department until 1945. It was on his initiative from the department in 1938, the Department of Chemical Engineering, four departments which have the highest fourth level of accreditation, and annually produces about 300 specialists in four specialties.

Under the direction of Prof. VY Vasilyeva in pre-war years the department was formed large scientific team engaged in providing engineering coal mines. With his staff developed settings cooling, drying and air conditioning and a method for selecting the optimal composition of the charge made possible the successful exploitation of deep mines of Donbass.

During these years the department worked such well-known experts, professors OO Kirov, MA Heyshtoft, NS Pines (Chair metallurgy), Honored Worker of Science of the USSR, Professor OS Plyhunov, who was rector of KPI unchanged in the postwar years (1945 to 1971), associate PF Bruyakin and SI Tsytkin (later head of the department of hydraulics).

During World War II the department was evacuated to Tashkent, where she continued to work as part of the Central Asian Industrial Institute, helping factories “Tashsilmash”, “Red Aksay” and other companies to create technology of military means. With the active participation of Vasily Yefimovich Vasiliev was designed and built Uzbek Metallurgical Plant. With the participation of many first graduates, including SA Horodynskoyi and AG Bondar, led by Professor AS Plyhunova important work performed defensive.

Almost all students in the fifth year after short-term training went to the front. The fronts of the Great Patriotic War were also a lot of the employees of the department, including BA Gajewski and VI Hnatovskyy, educational master VI Kovalenko, and one of the first Associate Professor PF Bruyakin died of Kursk.

Soon after the liberation of Kyiv department was re evacuated from Tashkent. Despite the war, which has lasted thanks to the dedicated work of students, faculty and staff of the Department October 1, 1944 the training of specialists was added, and in 1947 defended diploma in the first post-war “Team” group. Among her students were future members of the department VT Mirgorodsky and RG Dudnik.

It is safe to say that this and many subsequent editions would be impossible without great effort, attached to outstanding scientists in the field of chemical engineering, PhD, Professor Joseph Ilyich Chernobyl, the founder of the Kyiv School of processes and devices of chemical manufactures, KPI graduate of 1922, which headed the department in 1945 and was its head the next 28 years.

It was under the guidance of Professor Chernobyl rebuilding took place MAHV department and all faculty of chemical engineering in the postwar years. With outstanding scientific, pedagogical and organizational experience and talent, Prof. YI Chernobyl has done much for the development department MAHV. Under his leadership defended qualifications of 25 candidates and doctors of sciences, including the future professors of the Department RJ Ladiyev, YY Lukacs, ON Rooster, EG Vorontsov, VN Marczewski, JM Kornienko, associate SA Horodynska, VT Mirgorodsky, Y. Tananayko, OH Bison, SV Sidorenko and others. It was then laid the basic directions of scientific school of Professor Chernobyl, which subsequently developed professors V. Marczewski, YY Lukacs, JM Kornienko.

From 1973 to 1999 was head of the department altered its graduate, PhD, professor emeritus of “KPI” Yuriy E. Lukacs. Since 1999, the department manages Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine Yaroslav N. Kornienko.

Over the past decade formed the basic scientific directions of the department: development of film evaporation technology and devices, study the properties of polymers and creation of machines and equipment for their production and processing, intensifying the drying process and create a new drying equipment, research processes of timber and receiving paper products, cleaning effluents and emissions of the industrial production, protection of metals from corrosion. Department stores priority in researching new membrane separation processes liquids. One of the important directions of the department in improving the durability of the equipment is the development of new polymer coatings and methods of their application.

In these areas in the department for many years worked successfully Professor RJ Ladiyev, MI Pavlishcheva and EG Vorontsov associate SI Dobronohova, Y. Tananayko, YI Trohin and others. The scientific work of Professor Radchenko LB devoted to modeling and designing worm machines, widely known among specialists.

Based on scientific and applied development department, its staff published more than 50 books and textbooks, which taught students of all CIS countries. Tutorial “Machines and apparatus for chemical production. Basic theory and calculation,” written author team of the department, through three editions, and monograph YI Chernobyl “evaporators” – two. One of the first textbooks for engineers pulp and paper industry was the monograph BA Gajewski “Machines and apparatus paper industry”, as two monographs Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences EG Vorontsov issued abroad.

Over the past 20 years, teachers and staff of the department published more than 140 scientific and teaching materials, dozens of textbooks, received about 600 patents and patents of USSR and Ukraine, 15 patents leading countries, published in various publications (including the US, Canada, Western and Eastern Europe) more than 500 scientific articles.

Over the years, as part of the CPI department has trained about 100 doctors and candidates of sciences and more than 4,000 highly qualified engineers, including Hungarian, Czech Republic, Germany, Algeria. Faculty Professor EG Vorontsov, associate BI Duda, S. Sidorenko, MP The Swede worked for many years in technical universities of French-speaking countries of North Africa and the Middle East.

Among the graduates many managers of industrial enterprises, design organizations, research institutes, including VA Anufriev, IM Bely, AI Ivanchenko, YB Miroshnichenko, AP Glazed, IM Stelmach, AP Horkov. Graduates of the department is the former Minister of Education of Ukraine AG Cooper, rector of KPI long-VI Hnatovskyy who made great efforts to the construction of the new building of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine B. Bondarenko, deputy director of the Institute of Thermal Physics NAS Ukraine BN Protsyshyn and YF Snyezhkin.

Scientific and educational equipment MAHNV department has about 75 plants, machinery and vehicles. A constant work on modernization of existing and creation of modern experimental facilities with the latest measurement and information systems. Created 3 computer classes and a specialized computer audience using modern software packages to design equipment and industrial complexes in the chemical, petrochemical, microbiological and other industries.

To increase the level of training and qualifying level “bachelor”, “specialist”, “master” and graduate students in the department chair created student scientific circle, permanent training workshop to hear presentations postgraduate and masters. Each diploma, starting with OCD “bachelor”, the student must provide documentary evidence of intellectual property ideas set out in the draft.

MAHNV Department maintains relations with almost all related departments of the CIS countries and has cooperation agreements with the best institutes of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Institute of Gas Research Institute of Thermal Physics, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and petrochemistry) and factories.

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