You are invited to the training department of a leading university MAHNV which has IV level of accreditation.

home1 The chair has trained more than 5000 experts !!!

We prepare professionals three educational levels by government order of government funding or, at your request – the contract (with payment

due to legal or natural persons).

Training conducted:

The program bachelor (the direction of training – “Engineering”). Apprenticeship 3 years and 10 months.
For specialist programs (training period 1 year and 6 months) or Master (period 1 year 10 months) in two specialties:
Chemical production enterprises of building materials i:
Specialization: Computer-aided design equipment biochemical industries.
Specialization: Machines and equipment of chemical and petroleum industries
Specialization: Equipment resursoenerhooschadnyh tourism and attendant technologies and refrigeration and chemical industries.
Forestry Machines. Specialization: Computer design, program management equipment pulp and paper production.
Graduates successfully work managers of enterprises of different ownership forms that design and operate chemical equipment, machinery, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper industries and forestry sector; specialists in organizations that monitor the supply of oil and gas production industry, the ecological state of the environment, supervising the design, manufacture, installation and operation of biotechnological equipment, sale of cardboard and paper products.

home2During training, students acquire knowledge and skills to conduct advanced research; learn the computer designing machines and devices of chemical and petroleum industries resursoenerhozberihayuchoho ecosafety processing equipment oil and gas production and processing of polymers, membrane separation, intensification and optimization of technological processes; acquire skills exploitation of installation, repair and diagnostic equipment for chemical production.

Here, you can choose daily or distance learning. During training you can:

get a second degree;
depth study foreign languages ​​and undergo training in the Ukraine, CIS and Western Europe;
reserve officer rank (only full-time students).
The teaching staff – a 24 experienced teachers, including 1 academician and 1 corresponding member. NAS of Ukraine, 3 professors, 11 associate professors. The average number of students is 280. Department Teaching at the department is conducted for the European system. ECTS Coordinator acts as Chair, Professor YM Kornienko Evaluation is based on knowledge reytenhovoyi system. Knowledge quizzes handled using examinations and tests, the results of the projects and coursework, laboratory and practical problems, protection degree project. Scale grading – rating stobalna, with a seven-point scale conversion ECTS.

The department, in addition to classrooms, includes 12 laboratories (including 3 computer) equipment is constantly updated with the latest scientific developments. The department operates professional library, access to electronic documents.

To join the department must undergo external testing of subjects:

Ukrainian language and literature.
Caution Graduates of schools, technical schools, optional, can improve their knowledge and pass tests test for university admission in pre-university training unit that operates at the department. If successful execution of tests, students receive an additional 20 points to the total reytyhu applicant.


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