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Student scientific group chair

he aim of the group is to create favorable conditions for training students for independent creative, educational and scientific work.

In the student science club students of the department:

make annotations and essays on materials of domestic and foreign literature;
master the skills of the experiment and processing of the results, design of equipment of various types and application;
Laboratory design and manufacture of installation;
the results of the research to write scientific articles, make out an application to obtain protection for intellectual property, reported at conferences.
Scientific-research work of students is a continuation and deepening of the educational process and organized directly by the department in research, design and other organizations that specialized industr...


The processes of applying polymer protective coatings and capture of metal sols

Founder direction prof. Pavlishcheva MI A spray conditioner under pressure to the chamber of the boiler equipment, methods and equipment applying polymer coatings of various purpose by electrostatic spraying powder materials and vlovlennya of fine solid particles in a magnetic Coagulators followed koahulyata capture in inertial dust collector.


Energy-saving heat and mass transfer processes in the presence of a phase transition

The direction of research initiated at the Department of machinery and apparatus for chemical production in 1967 prof. YI Chernobyl and graduate VM Marczewski. Since 1967 on department conducted research heat transfer complicated chemical reaction in a fluidized bed of solid fine particles to Novokemerivskoho chemical and Norilsk Mining and Metallurgical Combine. The results of these studies are summarized in the thesis Ph.D. Marczewski VM


The processes of heat and mass transfer and processing of polymers

The direction of research in the production and processing of high-molecular compounds and products based on them started at the Department of machines and devices, chemical and petroleum industries in the 60 years prof. Chernobyl YI, associate Horodynskoyu SA, Hnatovskym VI, Trohinym YI In those years the department conducted research for styrene polymerization processes Gorlovskogo of the “Stirol”. According to research by two theses (Trohin YI, Andriasyan NV) and written the first monograph in this direction (Chernobыlskyy II, Haytyn B.SH. “Polymeryzatsyonnыe Apparatuses”).